Kuza Cave

Kuza Cave offers a unique experience for adventurous nature-lovers. Discover the ancient limestone cave and crystal clear healing mineral water pool. See artefacts from the cave and a timeline of Swahili history going back to the beginning of our story as humans originating in East Africa. You will walk across a small bridge and a few steps to the base of the well-lit cave to find a large pool formed by a subterranean river. The area is a wildlife sanctuary for dozens of monkeys, birds, butterflies and bushbabies. Our Culture Centre invites you to enjoy Swahili music, drumming and dancing with our onsite artists. Stay for the day and learn the secrets to Swahili cooking. You will learn how to gently blend Zanzibar spices and make fresh coconut milk curry. Don’t miss out on discovering this hidden gem tucked away in the tropical jungle of Jambiani – you will be surprised!

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